Why You Should Renting an Automatic Bali Car Rental

We always suggest everyone that goes to Bali for their holiday and had a plan to rent a car, to use an automatic gear Bali car rental as their car rental type. It is a wonderful family type of car rental. Although we believe most of the tourist are able to drive the manual gear one, but driving the automatic one, especially in a new country like Bali, Indonesia could be the best choice.

Bali automatic car rental

Why the tourist needs to rent the car? Because they need to go around the island. They need to go to the places of interest. They need to go to the beaches, restaurants, volcanoes, art shops, or any other outdoor activities which can be reached only with land transport in Bali. In short, they cannot just stay in the hotel room all day long.

Bali Car Rental Automatic is the Most Famous One

Here, most popular Bali car rental in automatic to be rented is the Toyota Avanza. For years, the Toyota Avanza became our The Car of The Month. As always, as the car itself very convenience and powerful enough to be driven inside Bali island.

Further information for the car rental service in Bali click here.

If you are staying in certain area, like Sanur, consult for this Sanur rental car service.

Furthermore, it is a family car type. It has 3 seats of rows so it will ensure you to go where ever you wan to go to explore the island.

Please note to be remembered, you cannot bring the car outside the island, such as you want to go to Java Island or Lombok island, which is these two islands are also very famous among the tourist.

As the title of a Bali car rental, so it must be driven inside Bali island. It is allowed to be driven outside the island. Both of us (the renter and the car rental company) will have some problem at the harbour when the officers inspect the car before entering the ferry.

The car has more space for luggage at the back. It can carry up for about 2 big suitcases and 2 small one.

The Avanza model to be rented here is the most recent one. So it is absolutely good to drive! It has 1.3 engine size to engage you climbing the mountain to the north side of Bali.

The Toyota Avanza also coming with many option color but the most favorite color is white, silver metallic and clack color.

Actually there is another small size car called the Toyota Agya. But we just can recommend you to rent it if you just need to go in south Bali and round area, such as Kuta and Jimbaran. The more you go we highly advise you taking the Toyota Avanza.

Although the Avanza is not a small size car (it’s a medium size car) the car is still easy to be driven in a small road, such as get parking in grocery stores to buy snacks or entering the beach area. Other small area of parking, like at the street side, it’s not bring any problem either. It’s still easy to maintain.

As the car is suitable for a family group, but it is also good for a couple or even a solo traveler.

Many our previous customers were happy to drive the Toyota Avanza even only one or two persons of them.

So once again if you think that the Bali automatic car rental can make your next holiday in Bali will be more wonderful, so just go get it!


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